Pre-render scripts

Support for runtime patches of a kubecf deployment.

The directory bosh/releases/pre_render_scripts contains scripts added to the quarks property.

The structure of this directory is expected to be <instance_group>/<job>/<type>/<script>, where <type> is one of

  • jobs
  • bpm
  • ig_resolver

This type details the exact location of where the patch executes.


Pre render scripts are kubecf’s equivalent of its predecessors’ (SCF v2) patches scripts. They, like them, enable developers and maintainers to apply general patches to the sources of a job (e.g. configuration templates, script sources, etc.) before that job was rendered and then executed.

At the core, the feature allows the user to execute custom scripts during runtime of the job container for a specific instance_group.


The parent and sibling directories (bosh/releases and bosh/releases/generators) contain supporting code (bazel machinery) which will automatically convert the script files into the proper ops files for use by the CF operator, as part of the overall generation of the kubecf helm chart.

It is this machinery which depends on the <instance_group>/<job>/<type>/<script> structure noted above.

Attention, Dangers

All patch scripts must be idempotent. In other words, it must be possible to apply them multiple times without error and without changing the result.

The existing patch scripts do this by checking if the patch is already applied before attempting to apply it for real.