Getting Started

How to deploy KubeCF


  • A Kubernetes cluster
  • Presence of a default storage class (provisioner).
  • For use with a diego-based kubecf (default), a node OS with XFS support.
    • For GKE, using the option --image-type UBUNTU with the gcloud beta container command selects such an OS.
  • Helm 3


KubeCF is packaged as an Helm chart.

Check the release page for a full list of the official releases.

Nightly builds can be found on the KubeCF public s3 bucket.

There are two assets for each release: one is the “kubecf-bundle” which contains the KubeCF chart along with the cf-operator version required to deploy it, while the standalone chart containts only the KubeCF chart.

The standalone chart (kubecf.tgz) contains a Metadata.yaml file which indicates the version of the cf-operator to install for a successfull deployment.

Try it out!

Deploy on Kubernetes

Explain steps to deploy KubeCF in any Kubernetes cluster